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Blood Heart

As part of our Blood Heart topic, we are reading Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. This book explores some really interesting themes and ideas.


Thirteen-year-old Cameron Kelsey is dying of heart disease, and time is running out to get a transplant. In desperation, his father approached transgenic doctor Richard Bryce, who is trying to conduct research with pig hearts. To Cameron's mother's chagrin, Dr Bryce agrees to perform the operation on Cameron, although it has never been done before...


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Blood Heart kicked off with the most exciting WOW day - we dissected lambs' hearts!

The children were really enthusiastic and learned a lot about the structure of a heart.

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Over the course of the term we have explored what the heart does, what blood is made up of and have conducted experiments into the effects of music on heart rate.

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Our final week has been 'Innovate Week'.

The children spent time researching their own chosen topics relating to the heart, including things such as living with heart disease and the effects of drugs and alcohol on the heart. They produced posters, information leaflets, powerpoint presentations and interactive activities to share with the children from Year 5 in an exhibition of our learning. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic about sharing their learning.