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Blood Heart

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  • At the start of our project, we’ll dissect an animal heart, finding out about the different parts and how the blood flows. 
  • Afterwards, we’ll write a report of the experience and use software and models to learn more about how the circulatory system works. We’ll  measure our heart rates and test how it is affected by exercise.
  • In D&T, we’ll make model hearts, and test materials before making a stethoscope. As part of our music work, we’ll use our bodies as percussion instruments and feel our pulse. 
  • We’ll learn about how smoking affects the heart and write adverts to persuade people to stop smoking. 
  • We’ll visit the ‘Give blood’ website, and make a flow diagram to illustrate the circulation process. At the end of the unit, we’ll create fact files to share what we have learned.



To start our heart topic in  a WOW way, we dissected a real lambs heart!  We looked carefully to ensure that we could recognise and label all of the chambers and major vessels within the heart.  We then conducted an experiment to test the valves with red liquid

Blood Heart Parent Information Sheet