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Frozen Kingdom

During Term 2, our topic was 'Frozen Kingdom'.


This was an exciting topic that allowed us to explore the arctic and antarctic areas of the world.

We learned about how animals are adapted to suit such cold environments and had a go at redesigning animals adapted to living in Britain so that they would survive the icy cod conditions.

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Picture 2

We learned about the Titanic's tragic voyage and wrote pieces about who should be help accountable for its sinking. It was a very hard decision since so many factors played a part:


Was it the fault of a negligent captain? Or was it down to the ship's designer for not allowing for such an eventuality?

Some of us believed it could have been due to the crew in the look-out for not having the binoculars they would have needed to spot the iceberg in time.

Many of us thought the true tragedy was the failure of nearby ships to send help, but ultimately it was a combination of many unfortunate events that led to the sinking of the 'unsinkable' Titanic.