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Topic - Urban Pioneers

As part of our topic, we went to Hitchin museum. The museum staff told us a brief history of Hitchin and Hertfordshire. There was a mammoth tusk that had been discovered in Baldock! We discovered more about the different people who settled in Hitchin, including the Saxons and the Romans. There was an interactive activity about day and night animals in the area. There was also a huge map of Hertfordshire which we used to locate where we live.


Upstairs there were lots of interesting burial items which could be found in our own back gardens. We saw an ancient skeleton, strange Roman and Victorian recipes and army uniforms. The potato pudding sounded horrible! It was really interesting to find out about the history of where we live and how it has changed compared to today.


Mr Ellis took us on a tour around Hitchin town where we continued to compare and contrast different buildings from the past to what they look like today.

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