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11 B4 11

11 B4 11

11 Before 11 is an initiative created by REAch2 which promises that within the primary years, we will make sure children have experienced 11 memorable childhood adventures before they leave school. The adventures are:

  • 10 deeds in 10 days

  • Make or break a REAch2 record

  • Flashmob

  • Seeds to supper

  • Make something amazing

  • Messing about on the water

  • Sleeping under the stars

  • Shake it up Shakespeare

  • Hiking heroes

  • Horsing around

  • Cross a border


    As Wilshere-Dacre Academy is a Junior school we are promising to achieve five of these adventures during this academic year across the year groups. Next year we hope to include two more adventures to achieve 7 out of the 11 promises above.

    We have already begun with our highly successful 10 good deeds over 10 days in December, where the children took part in making cards, decorations, baking biscuits and singing carols for residential homes and other community run establishments.

    Spring term

    Year 3 will be creating sculptures on the theme of our Dinosaur dispositions

    Year 4 will be going on a hike to Pegsdon Hills for our Hiking Heroes adventure.

    Year 5 will be performing ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as part of Shake it Up Shakespeare!

    Summer Term

    Year 6 will be performing a flashmob at a public location in Hitchin.


    We have always put the child’s experience first in all we do here at Wilshere-Dacre and we cannot wait to see the children’s sense of pride, enthusiasm and achievement when taking part in these exciting, unique and memorable adventures.