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Wilshere-Dacre Junior Academy Curriculum



At Wilshere-Dacre Junior Academy our afternoon topic teaching is delivered through ‘investigative topics'. These topics are personalised to the children in our school.  We think it is important that children get the opportunity to explore learning in many different ways and our curriculum  ensures we are giving children significant opportunity to develop their key skills in writing and maths across a range of subjects. Each topic investigation lasts for a half term.

Each topic investigation covers a number of National Curriculum subjects with specific objectives for learning. As far as possible, writing work will be integrated so that the children are able to see the purpose for their writing. 

In order to keep parents and carers fully informed of the school curriculum, we send out details of each topic investigation at the beginning of each half term. This information will give general information about the subject area, a brief overview of what sort of things the children will be involved in and a summary of the key learning areas. These can also be found on the Class pages.