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Year 3

Year 3 – Curriculum map

Planned Half term

Topic Title

Art and design


D & T






Aut 1

Gods and Mortals

3D Sculpture; Greek art and design

Using presentation software

Moving parts; model making

Ancient and modern day Greece; geographical features using maps

Ancient Greece

Positional and directional language


Resolving differences

Aut 2

Urban Pioneers

Photography, Graffiti art; observational drawing

Digital maps; programming; audio recording; using search engines effectively


Geographical skills and fieldwork

A local history study

Data handling

Light and dark; sources and reflectors; shadows; sun safety; working scientifically

Being safe; presenting own opinions

Spring 1

Mighty Metals

Drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials


Design and create a range of programs, systems


Make a product using electrical circuits




Measure,compare, add and subtract: lengths


Forces; set up simple practical enquiries; comparative and fair tests;Identify differences, similarities or changes related to simple scientific ideas and processes


Spring 2


3D scale models

Algorithms; flow diagrams; online research; using logical reasoning; graphic software; digital presentation

Selecting and using materials (collage and textiles)

Fieldwork, using maps to locate countries and continents


Data handling

Food chains; fossils; plant parts and functions; water transportation in plants; skeletal systems; working scientifically


Sum 1

Tribal Tales

Find out about great artists & architects in History


Evaluate designs & products using set criteria

Use maps & atlases to locate countries/continents

Learn about changes in History from the Stone Age to the Iron Age


Shadows, life cycle of a flowering plant

Lives of people living in other places & times

Sum 2


Improve the mastery of art and design techniques

Create a programme to analyse data


Describe aspects of physical geography including volcanoes & earthquakes

Learn about the Roman empire and its impact on Britain


Rocks, fair tests and prediction

Research, discuss & debate topical issues, problems & events