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Year 4

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Planned Half term

Topic Title

Art and design


D & T






Aut 1


Design; clay work; crayon art; photography

Presenting information

Product development


Historic use of potions


States of matter


Aut 2

Burps, Bottoms and Bile


Video; algorithms; digital images

Healthy food; textiles; working models



Measures (weight)

Teeth types; tooth decay and hygiene; the digestive system; working scientifically

Healthy bodies

Spring 1

Misty Mountain Sierra

Clay modelling; weaving

Satellite mapping; using GPS devices; 2D animation; online research


Using maps; human and physical features


Presenting data; converting between units of measure

States of matter; working scientifically

Facing new challenges

Spring 2

Traders and Raiders

Pattern and print making; sketch books

Animation; digital images

Jewellery and weapon making; models of Anglo Saxon homes; Clay rune stones

Using maps; settlements; Europe

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Using money



Sum 1

Blue Abyss

Observational drawing; 3-D models; clay sculpture; Anthony Gormley – Another place; Batik art; printing; famous seascapes

Programming; video editing; multimedia presentation

Submarine design; working models

Seas and oceans of the world; The Great Barrier Reef; Environmental issues

19th Century ocean expedition


Living things and their habitats; animals including humans; working scientifically


Sum 2

Road Trip USA




Improve mastery of art & design techniques

Understand computer networks, including the internet

Prepare & cook a variety of savoury dishes

Climate zones, rivers, mountains, volcanoes & earthquakes & water cycle

Non –European society that contrasts with Britain


Electrical circuits

Lives of people living in other places and times