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Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum map

Planned Half term

Topic Title

Art and design


D & T






Aut 1

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence


Collecting, evaluating and presenting data and information

Sketch books; printmaking; historical recipes

Using maps

14th century England

Position and direction

Working scientifically; living things


Aut 2


Printing; design

Programming; stop frame animation

Selecting materials; design research; structures; evaluation

Locating physical features

Significant individuals – Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton; 1960’s Space Race

Problem solving using measures

Earth and space; forces; working scientifically


Spring 1

Alchemy Island


Digital Photography, debugging programs; gaming

Electrical circuits; designing a board game

Map reading using coordinates; human and physical features



Properties and changes of materials; working scientifically


Spring 2


Use sketchbooks to record observations

Use search technologies effectively

Prepare & cook a wide range of savoury dishes

Use a compass & an OS map


Read & interpret information on timetables

Reproduction of plants & animals. Life cycles of a mammal & an amphibian

Take responsibility for looking after the school environment

Summer 1


Drawing artefacts; headwear; hieroglyphic amulets


Clay water carriers; Egyptian food; Model tombs and pyramids

Human and physical features of Egypt; The River Nile; Tourism

Ancient Egypt



Moral issues; customs and beliefs; role playing Egyptian citizens

Summer 2

Scream Machines

Photography and image editing

Digital photography; creating digital maps; safe and respectful use of technology

Ride design; programming models; mechanical systems; working models; evaluation; food

Theme parks in the UK and overseas


Measures (money)

Forces; properties of everyday materials; mechanisms; working scientifically

Discussion and debate