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Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Planned Half term

Topic Title

Art and design


D & T






Aut 1

Blood Heart

Modelling and sculpture; Abstract art

Using websites; flow diagrams

Selecting tools and equipment; Healthy recipes; Product packaging; working models



Pie charts

Human circulatory system; Measuring heart rate; history of blood groups; lifestyle effects; working scientifically

Harmful substances; caring about others

Aut 2

Frozen Kingdom

Photography; Painting; Block printing

Collecting, evaluating and presenting information

Building an igloo

Features of the Polar Regions

Emigration and exploration in the early 1900s

Measurement (temperature); Negative numbers

Living things and their habitats

Care of the environment

Spring 1

A Child’s War



Using search technologies; using presentation software

Following recipes; building structures

Human geography; cities of the UK

The Second World War



Empathising with people in different times

Spring 2


Portraiture and figurines

Select, use and combine a variety of photo stories; e-safety

Using tools ; design; fashion and clothing

Local community / where I live

Social reformers

Ratio and percentages; data and statistics

Classification; families and inheritance; working scientifically

Identity, personal views and opinions, My place; recognising strengths

Sum 1

Tomorrow’s World


Improve mastery of art & design techniques

E-Safety, using algorithms, work with variables

Investigate & analyse existing products


British History beyond 1066



Learning about different jobs in the world around them

Sum 2

Darwin’s Delight



Record observations in sketch books

Use a range of digital devices to design & create programs


Understand similarities & diffs between Britain and Europe

British History beyond 1066


Classifying plants & animals

Take Responsibility