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Who's Who

Head Teacher: Mrs Sarah Smith


Assistant Heads of School: Mrs Emma Hutton, Miss Mel Nugent and Mrs Gill Carpenter


Regional Director: Mrs G Ellyard

Deputy Regional Director: Mr D Hughes

Associate School Leaders: Mrs J Johnson, Miss J Griffiths, Mr M Rahman





Picture 1 Mrs Smith - Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Carpenter - Assistant HT and Inclusion Leader
Picture 3 Mrs Hutton - Assistant HT & Y5 Curie Class Teacher
Picture 4 Miss Nugent - Assistant HT & Y6 Malala ClasTeacher
Picture 5 Ms Alexander - Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Allwood - Y6 Class Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Archer - Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Austen - MSA
Picture 9 Miss Buck - Teaching Assistant and Senior MSA
Picture 10 Miss Carvell - Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Miss Clarke - Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Condon - Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs Dolling - Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Forde - Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Francis - School Business Manager
Picture 16 Miss Healey - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs Harvey - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mr Horsley - Sports Coach
Picture 19 Mr Huntley - Site Manager
Picture 20 Mr Jones - Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 21 Miss Langley - 1:1 Teacher
Picture 22 Mrs Livings - Cleaner
Picture 23 Mrs McGrath - School Secretary
Picture 24 Mrs O'Connor - Pastoral Support
Picture 25 Mr O'Connor - Apprentice IT Technician
Picture 26 Mrs Payne - Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs Parker - Teacher
Picture 28 Mr Prowle - Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 29 Mrs Reed - Teaching Assistant and MSA
Picture 30 Mrs Renwick -Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 31 Mrs Roberts - Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Mrs Sandhu - Admin/Receptionist
Picture 33 Mrs Simmonds - Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Mr Stanley - Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 35 Miss Sullivan - Y3 Class Teacher

Area of Responsibility


Teacher Area of Responsibility
Miss Mel Nugent


Mrs Emma Hutton Assessment
Mrs Gill Carpenter Inclusion
Miss Becky Sullivan Maths
Ms Tess Alexander Humanities
Mrs Jodie Renwick Science
Miss Beth Clarke Computing
Miss Andie Allwood MFL
Miss Becky Archer RE
Mrs Emma Parker Music
Mr Darren Jones Art
Mr Brad Prowle/Mr Dean Horsley PE


Peripatetic Music Teachers

Ms Molly Parsons-Gurr Piano/Cello
Mr Robin Coultard Guitar
Mr Adrian Denning Drums
Mr John Lavelle Brass
Mrs Colette Quinn Violin
Mrs Edith Van Spall Flute