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Who's Who

Head Teacher: Mrs Sarah Smith


Assistant Heads of School: Mrs Emma Hutton, Miss Mel Nugent and Mrs Gill Carpenter


Executive Principal North Central Region: Mrs G Ellyard

Associate School Leader - Mrs J Johnson

Associate School Leader - Miss J Griffiths

Associate School Leader - Mr M Rahman

Associate School Leader - Mr R Brevitt



Picture 1 Mrs Smith - Head Teacher (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 2 Mrs Carpenter - SENCO/Assistant Head
Picture 3 Mrs Hutton - Y6 Class Teacher/Assistant Head
Picture 4 Miss Nugent - Y5 Class Teacher/Assistant Head
Picture 1 Mrs Alexander -Y4 Class Teacher (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 2 Miss Allwood - Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mr Amoss - Y6 Class Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Appleby - School Secretary
Picture 5 Miss Archer - Y6 Class Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Austen - Midday Supervisor (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 7 Mr Barrett - Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Buck - Teaching Assistant (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 9 Miss Carvell - Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs Cohen - Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs Condon - Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs Dolling - Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mr Ellis - Class Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs Forde - Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Francis - School Business Manager
Picture 16 Mrs Harvey - Teaching Assistant (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 17 Miss Healey - Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Miss Heffernan - Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs Hooper - Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mr Horsley - Sports Coach
Picture 21 Mr Huntley - Site Manager (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 22 Mrs Igoe - Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 23 Mrs Langley - SEN Teacher (Awaiting Photo_
Picture 24 Mrs O'Connor - Pastoral Support
Picture 25 Mrs Livings - Cleaner
Picture 26 Mr O'Reagan - Apprentice IT Technician
Picture 27 Mrs Payne - Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs Peters - Cleaner (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 29 Mr Prowle - Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 30 Mrs Reed - Teaching Assistant (Awaiting Phot0
Picture 31 Mrs Renwick - Teacher
Picture 32 Mrs Roberts - Teaching Assistant (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 33 Mrs Sandhu - Reception/Admin (Awaiting Photo)
Picture 34 Mrs Simmonds - Teaching Assistant (Awaiting Photo)

Area of Responsibility

Name Responsibility
Mr Brad Prowle/Mr Dean Horsley PE
Miss Rachel Heffernan French
Mrs Hayley Cohen Computing

Mrs Tess Alexander

Mrs Sarah Igoe



Miss Mel Nugent Writing/Assistant Head
Mr Richard Ellis Art

Miss Rebecca Archer

Mrs Emma Hutton Maths/Assistant Head Teacher
Mr Chris Amoss Reading
Mrs Gill Carpenter Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Emma Parker Music

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Ms Molly Parsons-Gurr Piano/Cello
Mr Robin Coultard Guitar
Mr Adrian Denning Drums
Mr John Lavelle Brass
Mrs Colette Quinn Violin
Mrs Edith Van Spall Flute