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COP26 Climate March November 2021


On Friday 12th November, to mark the end of COP26, the whole school joined in with a Climate Change Day where Eco Council held an assembly informing everyone about what the COP26 was and the dangers of changes not being made to protect our planet.

Eco Council planned the day and invited everyone to come in dressed with an eco theme of green/blue or nature theme. Donations of £1 went towards two fundraisers - the WWF Climate Crisis Fund and the Clean Seas campaign (pupil's choices)


The plan of the day was to LEARN, ACT and SHARE!


After a lesson learning about the climate crisis, everyone designed and made their own placard ready for the afternoon's whole school march. Each class also came up with their own slogan that they could chant over and over so the whole of Hitchin could hear!  We marched twice around the school grounds to reach 1.5km to match the important 1.5degrees that world leaders need to not let the planet's temperatures rise above.