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Letters Sent Home

Check this page for any letters that we have sent home regarding trips, school clubs or other important notices.

Y5 Autumn Term Swimming

ESafety Parents Meeting - 18.09.18

Autumn Term Clubs Letter

Y6 Online Health Assessment - October - Consent Form

Y6 Weight and Height Measuring Consent Form

Y6 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Y5 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Y4 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Y3 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Fridge Diary V1

Letchworth Foodbank - Urgent food required

Harvest Festival Assembly - Donations/Shoe box Competition

Be Food Smart - Mid Morning Snacks

Y3 Scooter Training

POWA Newsletter - September

Y6 Distraction Workshop

Y2 Parents Meeting - November

The Wilshere Dacre Band

Y4 Viking Workshop

PGL Liddington 2019 (current Y5)

Fridge Diary V2

Remembrance Day Poppy Appear

Y3 Urban Pioneers Walk

Y3 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Y4 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Y5 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Y6 Cornerstone Parent Information Sheet

Children In Need - Bring and Buy Sale

Head Lice - Curie Class - 13.11.18

Head Lice - Malala Class - 13.11.18

Miss Archer - Curie Class

Christmas Newsletter 2018

Christmas Lunch Order Form

Y3/4 Christmas Production - 'The Match Girl's Chirstmas'

Non School Uniform Day

Y3 Maths Homework

Y4 Enzymes Break Down Investigation

Good Deeds

Y3/4 Times Tables Rock Star Guide

Miss Austen

Y6 SATs Information Evening - 14.01.19

Y4 Branson Swimming Spring Term '19

Y4 Earhart Swimming Spring Term '19

Y4 Angelou Swimming Spring Term '19 (selected children on selected days - call School Office if needed)

School Gateway Changes

Y4 Windmill Hill and The Dell

Ofsted - School Inspections: A guide for parents

Ofsted - Letter to Parents

Y6 SATs Revision Guides

Algebra Study - Miss Sullivan

Switch Off Fortnight

Y6 SATs Information Evening - 11.02.19 - moved date

O2 Young Voices - Final Arrangments

Earhart - Headlice - 30.01.19

Y6 Film - The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas

Y4 Film - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Y5 Shakespeare Play - 27.03.19

World Book Day - 07.03.19

Mid-Morning Snacks

Y3 Shepreth Wildlife Park - 29.03.19

Red Nose Day - Talent Show - 15.03.19

Y5 Old Hale Way Allotments - 28.02.19

Y6 Early SATs Revision

Head Lice - Elizabeth - 04.03.19

Miss Sullivan - Jury Duty

School Meal Price Increase - HCL

Head Lice - Mandela - 12.03.19

Summer Term Clubs Letter

Summer Term Swimming - Elizabeth Class

Summer Term Swimming - Luther-King Class

Y5 CSI Rollercoaster Workshop - 04.06.19

Walk to School Week / Clean Air Day

Whipsnade Zoo Day Trip - 12.06.19

Y5/6 Film Night

Y6 - SATs Letter to Parents

Y6 - SATs Letter to Pupil

Y2 Parents Meeting - 12.06.19

Y6 - End Of SATs Letter

Y4 Hiking Hero Adventure

Y5 SRE - 13.06.19

Y6 SRE - New Date - 10.06.19

Choir Summer Performances

Parking outside of School - 12.06.19

Climate Change Protest Event - Date Amended

Sports Day - 19.07.19

Climate Change Protest - Date Amended (2)

Y5 Journalism Workshop - The Priory

Y6 Production Tickets