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In our mission to decrease our waste, we are adding more and more to the list of things we recycle.


In 2017, we began to collect our dead pens to save them from going to landfill and to take them to the Terracycle bins at our Lady's Church.


In 2021, after looking at the waste from our packed lunches, we discovered we could also take our crisp packets and biscuit wrappers there too.  So, Eco Council made two new bins (from cardboard boxes) for the canteen where pupils can put their finished crisp packets and biscuit wrappers. When they are full, they are taken (along with the dead pens) to the bins at Our Lady's Church.



The more items that Our Lady's Church can collect for recycling by Terracycle (full list below), the more money they can raise for many different local charities.  It is great to know our contributions make a difference to the local community as well as helping reduce things going to landfill.  Hooray!


If you are interested in finding out which items are being collected at Our Lady's Church, you can find out here:



Full List of items collected at our Lady's Church, Hitchin