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Recycled Christmas Crackers!


For the last 4 years, one of Eco Council's favourite projects is organising the bits for everyone to make their own Recycled Christmas Crackers for our Christmas Lunch. 

It is really great fun. 

Every year, everyone collects up all the old cracker toys and any small 'party bag' toys and brings them into school.  We always get a huge amount of tiny second hand gifts (many that have never been used) to make our crackers great fun.  We also bring in cardboard tubes and enjoy writing our favourite Christmas jokes on pieces of paper.

Then, just before Christmas lunch, the whole school makes a couple of homemade crackers and then they are given out randomly at Christmas lunch.  They even go bang!  All materials we use are recyclable so the paper and cardboard can go straight into the recycle bins and the gifts can be taken home or kept to be re-used again next year.

They were amazing!  And much more friendly for the planet as we had zero waste.  All the cardboard rolls went into our recycle bins afterwards and many children said they liked the gifts more than shop-bought crackers.  And they cost us nothing too.

Thank you to all those who saved the cardboard rolls and little gifts to go inside. Don't forget to start collecting for next year's batch!